How can I reject an order?

To save you time waiting for revisions to be made in an order, we recommend that Retailers make edits to orders directly if only small changes are required.

If the order doesn't comply with your organization's marketing policies, or if it needs a lot of updates, you can reject the order.

Here's how to reject an order:

  1. From your Orders dashboard, click the Order you want to review. To filter new orders, click All Statuses and select New.

  2. With the Order form pulled up, click the drop-down button on the top-right then select Reject.

  1. Provide a detailed explanation of why the order is being rejected. Click Reject. Your partnering Brand will receive an email notification.

The supplier will be notified and would be able to make changes to the order and submit it again for review. The order won’t be deleted permanently. You can access the rejected orders on the Orders page with the label, Not Approved.