How do I purchase a Web Banner Ad?

Once Web Banner Ads are made available by your Retailer, you'll be able to place an order for Web Banner Ads.

Follow these steps to purchase Web Banner Ads:

  1. Click the Add (+) button and Select Order.
  2. Select the Retailer you want to place an order on.
  3. Enter the Order name and campaign duration.
  4. Click Insert an Ad. Select Web Ad.
  5. Select a Space.
  6. Select a Template.
  7. Enter the required fields and upload the image you'd like to include
  8. Once done, click on Create.

The retailer will review your order and Zitcha will keep you updated via email if your order requires any changes.


Please note that if the slot is already occupied, a warning message will appear (like the one below). This is a "soft" warning but won't prevent users from creating or approving the order.