Creative best practice guide

Creative Size Requirements and Recommendations

The creative assets you will need will depend on the types of ads you will be running. 
The below list outlines what assets will be required for each ad type.

Facebook campaigns

Facebook supports video and/or static image assets.

Video assets

  • Your video should use the highest resolution available.
  • Max 4GB file size.
  • Use a ratio of 9:16 to 16:9 (vertical or square videos are recommended to cover as much screen real estate as possible).
  • Videos can have a run time of between 1 second and 240 minutes, although a video duration of 30 seconds or less is recommended.
  • The video’s thumbnail image must not contain more than 25% text.
  • Vertical videos may be masked to 4:5.

Static images

  • Static images should use a ratio of 1:19:1 to 4:5.
  • Images assets should use the highest resolution available, with a minimum of 1080 x 1080px.
  • Images must not contain more than 25% text.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ad campaigns

If you choose to run Dynamic Product Ads, your campaigns will use products from the Retailer's Product Catalog. This means that you do not need to upload your own creative assets for this ad type, as the ads will pull through the product images housed in the Retailer's Product Catalog automatically.

For more information on Facebook Dynamic Ad Campaigns and how they work, click here.

Google Ad campaigns

Google Search campaigns

Google Search ads are text-only campaigns, and do not require creative assets.

Google Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns will automatically pull through the images housed in the Retailer's Product Catalog, so you will not need to upload any additional creative assets.

YouTube Bumper Ad campaigns

YouTube ads require a video asset. You can upload the video asset within Zitcha directly. Please also provide a companion static image, which will be used as the preview thumbnail. Ensure your YouTube Bumper Ad ad campaign asset meets the below requirements:

    • Video should have a runtime of exactly 6 seconds. Anything outside of this will not be accepted.
    • Resolution: 640 x 360px OR 480 x 360px.
    • Frame rate: 30 FPS.
    • Aspect ratio (without letterboxing): 4:3 OR 16:9.
    • No more than 1GB file size.
    • Companion image: 300 x 600px, max 1GB file size.