Getting started as a Brand on Zitcha


Your Zitcha Homepage is broken down into two key areas for you to easily manage your collaborative marketing activity in one space - the Menu bar and the Dashboard.

Menu bar

The Menu bar is made up of 2 sections: the left navigations buttons and the top menu buttons. 

The left navigation buttons provide a quick way to navigate different sections of the app. These include:

  • Your logo - acts as the Homepage button and is used to return to the Homepage at any point.
  • Add - used to create new orders.
  • Notifications - used to alert you of any new activity, such as a new order.
  • Orders - used to navigate to your Orders, where you can manage all of your orders.

The top navigation buttons include:

  • Settings - used to navigate to your Settings, where you can update your logo and manage your Retailers.
  • Your name - this Profile button shows the organisation you’re logged in to and is used to log out of Zitcha.


The Dashboard allows you to easily access a snapshot of all of your collaborative marketing activity in one simple view.


The Overview section provides a holistic view of all of your Orders and their performance metrics. This is collated data across all time. For individual order performance metrics, navigate to the Orders section from the left-hand Menu bar.


The Orders section provides an overview of any new order that you have submitted to the Retailer for review. A new order will require action from the Retailer to edit, reject, or approve the order to go live. This snapshot view in your Dashboard is a simple way to view recent activity.

Setting up your account

As a Brand, you'll receive an email invite from your Retailer to set up your Zitcha account. Follow the steps below to set up your Zitcha account successfully.

  1. Click on the Set up your account link in the email invite you've received. This will link you directly to the Homepage of Zitcha.
  2. Click on the Settings button on the top right-hand side of the Menu bar next to your profile name.
  3. Upload your company logo. An image file that has a transparent background is recommended.

Inviting additional users

You can invite additional users in your organization to access Zitcha. You will require Admin User access to complete this action.

Step 1: Click on + in the Menu bar, and select Employee.


Step 2: Type in the new user's first and last name, job title and email address. Select Send Invite.

Step 3: The new user will receive an email inviting them to join Zitcha via a link in their invite email, which will navigate them directly to Zitcha to create their account.

Creating an order

  1. Click on + in the Menu bar.
  2. Select Ad Order.
  3. Give your order a name. This will be used to distinguish between your Orders on your Zitcha Dashboard. It should include key defining elements such as the name of the promotion and campaign dates - for example, Samsung Galaxy Christmas in July Promo - 24/07/22.
  4. Select the Start date & time and Stop date & time of your order. These are the overall dates of your order. You'll be able to select different dates for each ad within the order further in the process.
  5. Upload your creative assets. You can upload two different types of creative assets: static images, and videos. Refer to our Creative Best Practice Guide for help with what works best across digital marketing platforms.
  6. Connect your Facebook Product Catalog. Select Facebook Products and follow the prompts to choose the Facebook Product Catalog that your Retailer has shared with your Zitcha account.
  7. Connect your Google Product Catalog. Select Google Products and follow the prompts to choose the Google Product Catalog that your Retailer has shared with your Zitcha account.
  8. Select New Ad at the top of the screen and select your ad type(s) from the options listed. You can include multiple ads within the same order. Select the ad format(s) best suited to your campaign objective.
  9. Set a Budget for each ad in your order. Zitcha allows you to set the amount you’d like to spend on each ad within your order, which will calculate to a Total Budget highlighted on the Order Panel on the left-hand side. If you don’t know how much budget to allocate to your ad, please leave this blank for the Retailer to fill out.
  10. Select a Start date & time and Stop date & time for each ad in your order.
  11. Depending on the ad type you've chosen, fill out the minimum ad requirements listed. In most cases, this will include a Headline, Body Text, Link Description, Link and a Call to Action.
  12. If applicable for the ad type you've chosen, upload your accompanying creative asset.
  13. Select from the list of Custom Audiences that the Retailer has shared with you OR create your Standard audience to target using the settings provided.
  14. Click Save to submit your order, or select New Ad to continue adding additional ads to your order until you are ready to save. The order details will then be submitted to the Retailer for review and approval before the ad can be published and start delivering. The ad will be served from the Retailer's Facebook ad account and Page (if you have selected a Facebook ad). You'll receive updates via email on the progress of your Order.