How to create a Product Set in your Facebook Product Catalog

Product Sets can be used to grant Suppliers access to a specific set of products within your Product Catalog. To create a new product set:

    1. Go to Commerce Manager in Facebook and select your catalog.
    2. Open the Catalog tab and go to Sets. Your existing product sets appear here.
    3. Select Create Set.
    4. Select a method to control which items go into your product set:
  • Select Use Filters to add all applicable items to the set with filtering. For example, you could apply filters to create a set containing all women’s shoes in your catalog that cost less than $50.
  • Select Manually select items to add items to your set individually.
  1. Enter a name for your new product set. Then, continue based on the method you're using to create your product set:
  • To use filters, select an attribute in the first dropdown menu to filter items by. For example, price or name. Enter your search terms in the text box and use the second dropdown menu to narrow your search with options like starts with or contains. To apply more filters, select Add Another Filter and repeat. Follow Facebook's best practices for filtering sets.
  • If you chose to manually select items, click the checkbox next to each item you want in your set. If any items you selected have variants, you can choose which one to show in your ads and sales channels. Under Selected Items on the right, select next to an item to view its variants with a different color, pattern, material or image and select the one you want to show. Note that this choice will apply for that item across all your sets, not just this set.
  • When you're finished, select Create.

    For more information on this topic, click here to access Facebook's original resource. Or alternatively, get in touch with our Digital Experts who talk you through it.