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Offsite Retail Media 101

The business landscape is fiercely competitive, and it won’t slow down anytime soon. In order to stay ahead of the game, it’s essential to explore new profit streams. And one of the most valuable – yet often underexploited – assets at your disposal is customer data.

Retailers are sitting on a treasure trove of data, ripe for the picking. But doing so isn’t so simple. It requires a thoughtful approach to ensure your customers’ data is protected at all costs. After all, it's the most valuable asset you’ve got.

So the question becomes: how can you leverage customer data in a sustainable way that maintains their trust and loyalty?

The solution? Retail Media.  

Offsite retail media: the final piece of the omnichannel puzzle

We’ve talked at length about the golden opportunity of retail media, and how the segment is evolving at lightning speed. But one of the most significant driving factors behind its growth is offsite advertising.

Where in the past brands tapped into retailers’ first-party data to better understand and target customers on retailers’ owned platforms, now, they can do so on the open and social web, across various offsite channels including Facebook, Instagram, CTV, digital audio, display and more.

This means more eyeballs up for grabs + more accurate targeting; ergo, more sales. And at scale, nonetheless.

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But one of the most significant driving factors behind its growth is offsite advertising.

Offsite retail media also presents an unparalleled opportunity to close the loop and track the impact of advertising spend, all the way up to the point of purchase – an ability that’s long plagued the industry.

Not only will you gain a complete view of your customers and how your ads are performing, but you’ll be able to act on insights faster, ensuring spend is optimised where it counts. Resulting in greater ROI, scalability and stronger customer engagement and loyalty.

You’ll also finally have the numbers behind you to give brand advertisers the confidence they need to invest in their retail media.

Omnichannel Puzzle

So, where to from here?

The short answer: Zitcha.

The long one: we’re the only omnichannel retail media platform that connects retailers and advertisers; online, offline and in-store.

We partner with global leaders in social, in-store and multi-channel media to deliver omnichannel advertising you can buy, sell and track, all from a single secure platform.

It doesn’t matter how big or experienced you are. We make it possible for retailers of all scales to unlock an entirely new revenue stream, manage brand advertisers and deliver the best customer experience in one easy-to-use platform.

Essentially, our game-changing tech does all the heavy lifting – just so you don’t have to.

Rather than continue to toot our own horn about how great we are (don’t tempt us), we’d rather show you. Drop us a line and we’ll happily take you through Zitcha and how we can work together to achieve your goals.