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How can Agencies get on board with Retail Media? (with minimal effort)

Retail media is a $100 billion global market opportunity that media agencies can’t afford to sleep on – and here’s why.

With growing concerns around data privacy and subsequent phasing out of third-party cookies by the big techs, clients are looking for intelligent, permissible solutions that deliver on the other most important ‘P’s of marketing: precision, personalisation and, of course, performance.

Retail media offers this in spades. (And then some.)

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Retail media is a $100 billion global market opportunity that media agencies can’t afford to sleep on

Better performance than going native

With a track record of yielding up to 90% profit margins and an average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 7x, retail media is future-proofed marketing that clients (and agencies) can count on. 

While retail marketing isn’t a new concept, media inventory is shifting from in-store to online, with traditional assets like wobblers being enhanced by the likes of social media, web banners and digital screens, and ad spend is predicted to represent 1 in 4 digital dollars by 2026 (making it one of the fastest-growing segments in the digital era).

Zitcha connects all of these channels and more – combining in-store, on-site and off-site assets – to enable retailers to bring never-before-seen inventory to market and monetise it.

Harness Retailers Data for Brands

Through Zitcha, marketers are equipped with direct access to their clients’ retail media (without having to go through internal teams), enabling them to retain shifting shopping budgets by collaborating on laser-accurate and hyper-relevant campaigns.

Forget manual processes and cross-channel measurement, retail media takes you right to the point of purchase, empowering marketers to act on insights faster, drive smarter product development and build better relationships with their clients.

Making the value of retail media easy to see – and even easier to sell.


Retailers are the next media giants, but they need an agency’s help

If you’re an agency, this is your chance to help your clients establish a profitable retail media business that’s 100% cookie-free.

It’s also an opportunity to help them offset rising operational costs (such as the increasing demand for free shipping as a standard offering), strengthen their supplier relationships and increase their e-commerce profitability.

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