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Prepare to Ride the Third Wave: Nailing the Job Hunt in Retail Media

As you may have heard of (a million times already), in 2024 Digital Marketers will see some big changes in the industry mainly driven by Google's infamous deprecation of the cookie which we’ll change the way advertisers are able to deliver ads to consumers and how it’ll transform the way marketers get in front of relevant audiences.

With this decline and (not coincidentally) with the surge of Retail Media Networks around the Globe, job opportunities are surging for those who are keen to be at the forefront of a new space - whether you’re a marketer or not!

If you’re one of those, keep reading:

The 101 in Retail Media

Let’s first even out the playing field for those not familiar with the term: Retail Media refers to the practice of retailers monetising their digital shelf space by selling advertising placements to brands. Traditionally, brands relied on third-party platforms for advertising, but with the rise of e-commerce and the increasing dominance of retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, brands are now investing heavily in Retail Media to reach consumers at the point of sale.

For more information, check out our 101 in Retail Media that the amazing Marketing team @ Zitcha put together.

Growth of Retail Media Jobs

As Retail Media continues to gain traction, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is growing. From retail giants to emerging e-commerce platforms, companies are actively seeking talent with expertise in both retail operations and digital advertising.

According to recent industry reports, with Retail Media as a channel forecasted to grow between 8.3% to 20% in 2024 (source vary), we can anticipate that job postings for Retail Media positions will grow as well, indicating a growing need for relevant talent in this niche. As Retail Media platforms expand their offerings and capabilities, the demand for professionals with diverse skill sets is expected to continue rising.

Most Relevant Skills to Succeed Retail Media

Retail Media roles are pretty unique as they combine a rather eclectic skillset.

However, we can confidently say that candidates with a background in Media, Digital & Traditional Marketing (including Trade) and/or Retail will easily transition into this space due to a series of transferable skills. From our own recruitment experience at Zitcha, these are the 5 critical skills our Hiring Managers value:

  1. Stakeholder Management

    If you’re coming from an Agency - whether media or marketing -, you’re probably a wizard in stakeholder management! And this will play in your favour if you’re looking to work in Retail Media.

    Working in Retail Media touches several parts of the Retailer’s organisation - from the CMO to the Marketing Coordinator; from Marketing to Trade and Website teams.

  2. Change Management

    Although Retail Media is not a new thing (catalogues have been around for ages!), the way Retailers are doing Retail Media is changing. Retailers, who historically had a single focus in the exchange of physical goods, are now forced to think like a Media business.

    For that reason, understanding the impact of the change driven by Retail Media, and the ability to take Retailers on that journey is the key to success.

  3. Media Buying

    Having an understanding of how Brands allocate trade budgets is key to driving a successful Retail Media network. It allows businesses to optimise the allocation of resources within the Retail Media network, ensuring that brands achieve maximum return on investment and drive meaningful results. It also facilitates collaborative partnerships between retailers and brands, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that enhance the effectiveness and profitability of Retail Media initiatives.

  4. MarTech / AdTech

    If you’re (or have been!) in the MarTech / AdTech industry and you have an understanding of consumer behaviour, data analytics, and campaign optimization you’re already well prepared to dive into Retail Media. Marketers adept in MarTech or AdTech are accustomed to leveraging technology to target specific audiences (hello 1PD), optimise ad placements, and measure campaign effectiveness – all of which are critical to succeed in this space.

  5. Adaptability

    As with any emerging space, the trajectory of Retail Media will be marked by continual evolution. Anticipating and embracing these changes is not just a requisite but an exciting aspect of working within this dynamic field. As Retail technology and consumer behaviour undergo some serious transformation, professionals in Retail Media must remain agile and responsive. This adaptability presents both challenges and opportunities, making this space particularly intriguing for those who thrive on innovation and change.

    If you’re thinking of moving to Retail Media check out Zitcha’s Career page to review open roles or submit an expression of interest to be in our radar!

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